Fabric Notebook Cover

I was able to spend some time for craft. Made a notebook cover for my accounts note-book. I made this cover from my old shirt. I watched some YouTube videos on "How to make a fabric cover for notebook" and made my own fabric over.

I am in love with pockets. May it come my skirt, trouser or a notebook, I have to have at least on pocket in it. LOL. So I customized this fabric cover too. Made a nice pocket inside the back of the cover to keep money or small notes and there is also a slot to keep pen on the spine of the cover.

How can I forget a bookmark. To save time on turning pages bookmark is essential.

The fun part is if I want to begin with new accounts book, all I have to do is remove this cover and fit it to the new book. That's all.
Fabric Notebook Cover Fabric Notebook Cover Reviewed by Kanchan Karai on 07:46 Rating: 5

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