DIY recycle storage box

I love recycling. It is not just a fun, it impetus my creativity. I have recycled old clothes, cookie boxes, cereal boxes, tin cans, newspapers, CDs and even plastic grocery bags.

We have so many things lying around that looks useless but if we have a creative mind, we can always make something innovative by using this trash.

How to recycle a cardboard box into DIY storage box

For this project I used a milk carton. The finished storage box is approximate 7"X15" in size. This box is ideal to store clothes, toys, magazines etc.

Things you need to make the box:
1. Any empty carton
2. Fabric (long enough to cover all the sides of the box, inside and outside)
3. Ruler
4. Pencil
5. White glue or hot glue (Gun)
5. A box cutter
6. Measuring tape
7. A pair of scissors

Method: Click on the images to see the larger version.

1. Cut the box as showed in the picture. Cut the side and top flaps. (Save it. We need those in this project). Now you have a body of the box.

I have made two hand holes on the side flaps but that is optional.

2. Take two side flaps and stick them to the sides of the box as showed in below two pictures. I have used a paper to stick the other of the flap to the body.

We have a box frame ready for the next step. If you are using white glue for the project, then let the box dry completely for 1 hour.

3. Now we are going to wrap a fabric around the 4 sides of the box. To do so, we will first measure all the sides of the boxes and then measure the height. We will also measure the base part of the box separately. Take the measurement of the inside as well.

4. Now cut the fabric according to the measurement. We will first cut the base part, then for the 4 sides. Keep relatively sufficient margin in all cut pieces for sticking.

5. First start making the inside of the box. Apply glue on a small portion of the box and stick the fabric. Make sure you will keep little margin on the base and the top as well. Keep repeating this process till you reach the end. (DO NOT apply glue on all the 4 sides at a time. The glue dries quickly).

6. If you have cut hand holes like I did, then follow the steps given in below image.

7. Stick the margin part to the outside of the box.

8. Make the bottom of the box as showed in the image below.

Now take a break for 15 minutes and come back.

9. Start sticking the fabric to the outside of the box. See the below image.

10. Complete the rectangle and stick Stick a separate piece of fabric on the base.

10. Work on handle holes. Stick the margin part on the inside of the box.

Your box is ready! Let the box dry for at least 24 hrs before using.

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