Zentangle Art

It's been a long time since I wanted to try my hand at this beautiful art, however I was not confident. I was not sure if I have a good control over my hand and finger movements. Fine motor skills plays an important role in this art.

Yes, I am talking about Zentangle art. Some call it zen art, some may call it henna doodle. Whatever is the name, I couldn't stop watching those beautiful pictures of Zentangle art. I tried it before on a small portion of masking tape just to see if I can do this. Then yesterday night when I was browsing through the internet for this art doodles, I learned that only fine motor skills is not enough. One should always have a rough drawing before trying ink pens.

I was not that patient though. I just grabbed an empty cover of soap box and used a reverse side for doodling.

Here it is. I must practice it everyday to get perfect shape and curves.

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