Granny Square Slippers

Traditional granny square is the easiest block or square I have ever crocheted. I found the pattern in a book - 'The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet' by Margaret Hubert and a beautiful post about Granny Square Slippers on Purl Bee. I did not search for the instructions about how to join squares to make slippers. Just wanted to do it. on my own. Also, I made some changes in pattern by reducing chain numbers.

Different color combination makes this granny square more elegant and beautiful. A single color square shows simplicity and looks graceful too. This square can be made with any type of yarn and appropriate hook size. Just make sure while crocheting this square in multicolor that two different yarns you are using are made with the same fabric or compatible with each other.

It was my first project of slippers, so I choose one multicolored yarn so that they will not look dirty so quickly. Lolz.

This classic square has a very easy pattern. Using the same pattern, this square can be made as much larger as we want.

It was really easy and fun making these beautiful slippers and they look so good that now I am planning to make another pair with two different color yarns.
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